Janet King

Gayl’s yoga class is always challenging with options given for the less able. The class is different every week so it keeps it interesting.”

Melina Holliday

Gayl doesn’t realise how good she is; I have been to a couple of other yoga classes held by other instructors over the years but have never felt at ease with an instructor as I do with Gayl. She is very quick to point out alternative poses for those of us not able to do the more challenging poses and also to remember to be kind to our bodies. Gayl has an excellent knack of being able to make me totally relax with her calm manner and calming voice. She is an excellent yoga teacher.”

Alison Ellwood

“Gayle is a great yoga teacher, totally non-judgmental and encouraging. I have learnt so much and enjoy the classes a lot.”

Becky King

“Gayl has invested a lot of her time in understanding the core elements of her yoga style. She shares her thoughts during the sessions. The classes are always well thought through, flowing smoothly and leave me in a state of “calm”.”

Ann Brosnan

“Gayl has a great ability to make yoga fun and enjoyable and reminds us to practise Ahimsa which is all too easy to forget. The relaxation yoga leaves me feeling so much better and more positive. Classes are always interesting and informative too; it is much more than just postures, as there is a broader approach to the holistic benefits from attending.”