Yoga is endlessly adaptive and should be for everyone regardless of age, fitness or weight. Learning in small groups, gives you personalised attention simply not possible in larger group classes.  Here, you adapt your practice to meet the needs of your body.  You find the posture in your body, there is no forcing or contorting the body. Classes are holistic, vary every week and include physical practice and postures,  flowing movement, breathing, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation. 

During classes you are invited to explore the edge of your practice and be physically stretched. You will leave feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful. Many of my students report a good night’s sleep after yoga!

It’s also a place to make new friends in a small like minded supportive group.

Studio floor is heated, so you will always feel comfy in your practice.  

Places are limited, so be sure to book in advance. 

Face to Face Classes

Small group sessions – maximum of 4 students at the Studio, Ascot, overlooking peaceful woodland.

Price: £15 per class or £70 for 5 classes to be taken in an 10 week period. 

Mondays: 5 – 6.15pm

Wednesday 7 – 8.15pm 

Email me for more details –

Rest-Relax-Renew Yoga Nidra Relaxation Sessions :

Monthly – 1st Tuesday of each month excepting bank holidays.

Price: £12.50 per class;  £ for 34.50 classes – to be taken within a 12-week period. 

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Qualified and Accredited Yoga Teacher and Therapist

Gayl’s yoga class is always challenging with options given for the less able. The class is different every week so it keeps it interesting.”

Janet King

Gayl doesn’t realise how good she is; I have been to a couple of other yoga classes held by other instructors over the years but have never felt at ease with an instructor as I do with Gayl. She is very quick to point out alternative poses for those of us not able to do the more challenging poses and also to remember to be kind to our bodies. Gayl has an excellent knack of being able to make me totally relax with her calm manner and calming voice. She is an excellent yoga teacher.”

Melina Holliday

“Gayle is a great yoga teacher, totally non-judgmental and encouraging. I have learnt so much and enjoy the classes a lot.”

Alison Ellwood

“Gayl has invested a lot of her time in understanding the core elements of her yoga style. She shares her thoughts during the sessions. The classes are always well thought through, flowing smoothly and leave me in a state of “calm”.”

Becky King

“Gayl has a great ability to make yoga fun and enjoyable and reminds us to practise Ahimsa which is all too easy to forget. The relaxation yoga leaves me feeling so much better and more positive. Classes are always interesting and informative too; it is much more than just postures, as there is a broader approach to the holistic benefits from attending.”

Ann Brosnan

“I love yoga with Gayl as she explains everything well and I get a real sense of the spiritual side of yoga as well as the physical benefits. I enjoy the variety of sequences and positions and the options for easier or more challenging practice.”

Rhiannon Williams

“An excellent class that offers careful teaching of many poses in addition to explanations of chakras and pranayama . Being able to work at your own pace but allowing your yoga practice to grow under careful supervision”

Angela Lanza

“I love Gayl’s yoga classes as she provides a lot of information about what you are aiming to achieve with each posture or sequence and gives clear instructions and little pointers that are invaluable. Thanks Gayl 🙏🏻🤗😘”

Tania Stannard

“Gayl is an excellent teacher and takes great care to explain each posture or sequence. She also gives alternatives to the more challenging postures ensuring that everyone can work to their abilities.”

Ewa Thompson

“Gayl’s teaching style is warm and inclusive. Her occasional references to her own yoga journey also make it so relatable. Adaptations are offered for challenge or to accommodate health issues. The explanations and demonstrations are clear. I had done yoga for many years and never before understood the benefits I should feel from the positions. Her teaching also emphasises breathing techniques which complement the physical activity. For myself the integration of these help with harmony of mind and body.” Jane Auster

Jane Auster

“I started yoga three years ago with Gayl as my first instructor at Windsor leisure centre. I have remained loyal to Gayl as she is passionate about her practise and how she teaches her students. Gayl is always looking at ways to improve and is dedicated to her students ensuring they get the best from their practise. It is so obvious that Gayl puts a lot of her own time and effort into organising her classes to create a well balanced Hatha Yoga class, which lends itself to all standards and abilities. I would highly recommend Gayl as a yoga instructor!”

Ken Kilner