I’m Gayl, a qualified professional yoga teacher and a yoga therapist.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years’ and teaching for 5 years’ in local venues including Windsor Leisure Centre and Sunningdale Village Hall.   During the pandemic I moved all of my classes online via Zoom, donating 15% of the fees taken to charities nominated by my students.

Yoga has been transformative in my life. 15 years’ ago, I was a busy working mother and senior HR professional.  Quite frankly in the end, the stress of trying to be superwoman got to me, I was close to burn out and decided to leave corporate life.

I used to be an avid squash player and runner finding this helped to discharge all of my excess energy. When I tried yoga, I experienced an energy profoundly different to the highly charged endorphin highs of other exercise. I was calm, peaceful and had an inner quiet that was lacking elsewhere in my life.  My stress levels reduced and my sleep improved. My body had spoken and for once I listened.  I got curious about how it all worked – what was it that made me feel that way? My curiosity lead me to train as a teacher primarily so I could develop my own home yoga practice;  now completing my accreditation as a yoga therapist to deepen my experience and knowledge of yoga.   


Qualified and Accredited Yoga Teacher and Therapist

My passion is to help others have the yoga experience that I have; to develop practices that reduce stress, create inner calm and peace; that promote holistic health and well-being; To infuse all aspects of yoga; physical, breathing, relaxation and meditation in simple and practical ways.

Trained to teach Hatha yoga, I weave in a wide range of different yoga traditions to my teaching. I teach individuals, not classes. As a firm advocate that yoga should be for everyone, for all ages, level of fitness and age, I’m known for offering adaptations to suit different levels of practice and physical fitness.

This year I am completing my qualification in yoga therapy which has taken my teaching, my own practice, personal growth to a whole new level.

Yoga wasn’t the whole story, I also trained in NLP which made me re-evaluate my priorities, what made me happy and what I wanted in life. It was then I trained as a coach and set up my business in8resources.com. My yoga definitely brings a different dimension to my coaching and vice versa, both enable me to ground and resource myself and others deeply, to be present in the moment and work somatically with the body.

I live in Sunninghill and am married, with two grown up children, one in New York, the other in London and my other children – my three cats.

Nature is my spiritual home, it’s where I spend time gardening, walking and sometimes running. I love to be with my family, to spend time with friends, read novels and poetry.