About Me

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 15.20.00My name is Gayl

I am a qualified professional yoga teacher with Friends of Yoga http://www.friendsofyoga.co.uk/. I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 5 years in local venues including Windsor Leisure Centre and Sunningdale Village Hall.   During the pandemic moving all of my classes online via Zoom and have been donating 15% of the fees taken to charities nominated by my students.

Yoga has been transformative in my life. 15 years’ ago I was a busy working mother and senior HR professional.  Quite frankly in the end, the stress of trying to be superwoman got to me, I was close to burn out.

An avid squash player, I used to try and discharge all of my excess energy – mental and physical on the court. I found a yoga class at my local squash club and gave it a go. After yoga, I  experienced what I call “yoga-aaaah”, an energy profoundly different to the highly charged endorphin highs of squash and more a sense of inner stillness and peace, a really calm energy. I knew I needed more of it!  My body had spoken and for once I listened. I got curious about how it worked – what was it that made me feel that way? How could I develop my own yoga practice at home so I could experience this every single day. That is when I decided to become a teacher.

My passion is to help others to find that “yoga-aaaah” experience,  combining physical practices on the mat with a “work in” internalising the practices to promote holistic health and healing; to help others take yoga off their mat and into their daily lives so that they know how to access a state of peace, stillness and calm, no matter what is going on around them.

Trained to teach Hatha yoga, I weave in a wide range of different yoga traditions to my teaching, offering adaptations for students at different levels of practice and physical fitness.

This year I am completing my qualification in yoga therapy which has taken my teaching, my own practice, personal growth to a whole new level.

I live in Sunninghill and am married, with two grown up children, one in New York, the other in London and my other children – my three cats. In addition to teaching yoga, I have my own business as a coach – In8Resources. For more information see in8resources.com.

Nature is my spiritual home, it’s where I spend time either walking or running. I love to be with my family, to spend time with friends, read novels and poetry.