One-to-One Classes

Double exposure of young woman silhouette practicing yoga

One to One Yoga classes are designed to meet your specific needs and interests, helping to deepen your experience of yoga and allowing you to get even more benefit from your practice.

Bespoke one to one yoga classes allow you to:

  1. Accelerate your learning and improve your practice – particularly beginners or those who are returning to yoga after a break
  2. Develop a deeper understanding of yoga postures, philosophy, breathing and meditation practices
  3. Develop a personalised or home yoga practice
  4. Explore and develop a restorative yoga and mindfulness practice for relaxation

Yoga Coaching

How we do our yoga on our mat is likely to say a lot about how we do, think and behave in our lives. Yoga is not only a fantastic way to keep fit and in shape, but it can also be a great way to learn about how we think and to tune into your inner and best self, to experience greater calm, peace and happiness in life.

Combining coaching and yoga expertise, I can offer a unique opportunity to learn and grow holistically with your yoga practice.

To find out more, please text or phone me on 07766 33 6096 for a no-obligation chat.