Many people think of yoga as a form of physical exercise. The gym was certainly the first place I came across a yoga class. And of course, the physical asanas or postures are a fantastic way to get and keep physically fit.

But it is a lot more than that.

The Sanskrit for word yoga “yuj” means to “join” or “yoke”, it literally means union. I think of it as “WD40” for body, mind and soul. It is a practice that connects and aligns all aspects of ourselves – physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual, which in turn lubricates and creates flow throughout the whole of our being.

We live in a fast moving, highly material, physical and action driven world where many of us live a lot in “our heads” having lost the connection to our bodies and what the ancient yogis would see as our true and inner selves. In the midst of movement, yoga allows us to find space and stillness to reconnect with our bodies and in so doing our true nature.